UNC Plast Industries
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About Us

About unc plast industries

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers, Fabricators, Supplires and erectors of " ANTICORROSSIVE CHEMICAL EQUIPEMENTS " in the field of Thermo- plastics Industries in India.

Established in 1981. We have 25 Years Experienced for designing. manufactuoring of PP/FRP/PVC/HDPE/PVDF Chemical Process Equipments such as Tanks, Vessels, Reactors, Scrubbers, Blowers, Ducting as Pollution Control equipments, Prosses Pipes & Fittings, FRP Cooling towers, Gratings,Cable Trays, FRP Doors & Fittings, FRP Cooling Towers, Gratings, cabels Trays, FRP Doors & Panels. FRP Porta Cabin.... etc and many more.25 years ago we started our activity in the name of "UNC PLAST INDUSTRIES" declaring out commitment towards pollution free industrial atmosphere. To active our goals e have updated ourselves with most advance know how to design, fabrication, testing & commissioning of equipments as per our customers requirments with their budgetary cost. we have fully eqipped workshop and experiance staf to carry out every kind of job and testing as per IS/BS/ASTM standerd.


OUR PRODUCT IS very suiteble / highly requirment of high temprature and high corrosive materials of several process industries such as chemical. pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, petrochemical, power plants, steel plants, effluent treatment plants, pikling plants, pilp & paper,textile,zinc & copper smelter,civil & computer engineering , road & traffic divition, Automobiles & trains, air pollution control equipments, Exhaust systems, process chamicals , oil,gas & water pipe lines division and aerospace division .... Etc and many more

Our Goal

Being incremental requirment of engg. plastics and anticorrosive materials, we commit to our custemers/clients or consultants to provide good qyality of materials, schedule delivery time, reduce cost effective, sales service and provide our quality policy to our customers.